Kaikoura Earthquake

DTCE was engaged by an insurance company to report and assess the damage in the Wellington Region caused by the 2016 Kaikoura Earthquake. Since the earthquake, over 200 structures have been assessed, ranging from retaining walls to multi-storey buildings. DTCE was able to provide a prompt and personalised service for the client and was successful in creating clear lines of communication between the insured, the client, and the engineer. Work on these projects is ongoing and we have been engaged to produce the remedial design for many of the buildings we assessed. 

Completion date: Ongoing

Willis Street

DTCE was engaged in 2016 to produce a Detailed Seismic Assessment of a 16 storey building on Willis street. Our specialised seismic structural engineering team carried out the calculations and used the SLAMMA method to assess the %NBS of the structure. Work is ongoing on this project as the clients have re-engaged DTCE to produce the detailed design and the temporary works design for the strengthening of the building. 

Completion date: Ongoing

Jackson Street

DTCE is engaged to provide structural engineering services for this 2 storey heritage listed commercial building in Petone. Our scope is to provide the strengthening scheme for the building and the parapet. Our team of drafters and engineers are working closely together to provide cost effective and innovative design. 

Completion date: Ongoing