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DTCE Gold Star - Mike Gilchrist

What is the Gold Star?

DTCE Structural Engineers is excited to announce our "DTCE Gold Star Award".

We work with hundreds of clients, architects, and developers every year, and we want to give back by highlighting some of the people we love to work with. Every couple of months, we will give the award to an architect, builder, or developer who has gone above and beyond to create a great working relationship with DTCE.

We're highlighting people whom our engineers say stand out in communication, knowledge in their field, and are just generally a pleasure to work with. In these posts, we will briefly interview the awardee and also give an idea as to why we love working with them.

This months winner

For our inaugural award this month we want to highlight an Architectural Designer we’ve worked with on dozens of projects over the years:

Mike Gilchrist from Vision Building.

Mike picture left, and Adam with the award, one of our engineers who works most closely with him

Why were they chosen?

One of our engineers, Adam, that works closely with Mike says that he is fantastic to collaborate with, as he understands the importance of communication with us at an early stage, even on the smallest of projects.

I'm really passionate about getting the final results and completion of clients goals and dreams

We also notice Mikes clients are always happy with how he helps them bring their vision to life, and is upfront about costs and estimates. He comes to our office regularly where we have in-depth discussions about projects and we are able to effectively understand each other, even though we are working on different aspects of a project.


To get an idea about who Mike is and what drives him, we carried out a small interview with him when we gave him the award:

Who is Mike and Vision Building?

I have been in the building industry for over 30 years completing both building work and Architectural Services. I am small one man band now providing Architectural design and Draughting work in the Alteration/Addition area.

What drives you in your job?

The realisation that I have a skill set the average homeowner doesn’t have and needs to get them through their project and in doing so take all the stress out of the process for them.

What type of projects are you really passionate about?

Meeting people and getting the final results and completion of their goals and dreams.

What do you love to do in your time off?

I would like more than I have so as to try to get out for some golf. I also enjoy most sports, doing some running to try keep fit, eating out with family, and enjoying a good movie.

Have a look at some of the projects we've worked together on

We would like to thank Mike for the excellent work we've done together so far, and if you need an architectural designer for your next house renovation project, contact Vision Building!

Contact Details:

Mike Gilchrist


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