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What are we expert in? With our decades of knowledge, let us help you design your dreams. 
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Residential new builds and house alterations are our bread and butter.


We've worked with thousands of clients in the Wellington region over the years, and our engineers have experienced every type of residential project under the sun. No project is too big or too small, and rest assured, whatever plans you have for your new project, we've done it before. 


Our focus as structural engineers is to consult with you, your architect, and your builder to provide practical, cost effective solutions. Some of our wide ranging expertise includes (but is not limited to):


  • Small house alterations and wall removals

  • New house design

  • Deck design

  • Carports

  • House settlement reports

  • Seismic assessments

If you have ideas you want to bring to life, give us a call, and we can help guide you through the process!




We've built strong relationships with hundreds of architects, builders, and property developers.

We have been active in the Wellington Region for over 30 years and have built a strong reputation for being the gold standard in technical quality engineering. Recently we've started expanding our services for commercial work to Auckland.

While our previous focus has been on providing residential engineering and seismic assessment services, over the last five years, we have begun increasing our portfolio of large multi-consultant projects within New Zealand. These have involved various large scale assessments and design including:


  • Water tightness issues and damage reports

  • Seismic assessment and retrofit of multi-storey buildings

  • Large scale building alterations

  • Change of use

  • Design of new warehouses

  • Design of new medium density structures


With Medium Density Housing becoming increasingly important, we've also expanded our skills and can provide in-depth engineering knowledge on the intricacies of townhouse, and semi detached house design.



Our team is dedicated to making your building safe.


New Zealand has a long history of fatal earthquakes, and as structural engineers based in Wellington, we take our role in providing our services for seismic assessment and retrofit very seriously.

For any Rapid Assessments, Initial Evaluating Procedure (IEP), or Detailed Seismic Assessments (DSA) that your building needs, we can help guide you through the often confusing and technically challenging process.


We can also help assess parapets, brick walls, and any other at risk structures that may need inspecting.

If your building needs more work, our most comprehensive report, a DSA, can accurately assess the structural seismic strength of any building compared to the New Building Standard (%NBS).


If the building is found lacking in any areas, the report will outline the measures needed to attain a higher %NBS and the costs involved with the construction.

New Zealand is very susceptible to large earthquakes, and the Greater Wellington region in particular is at risk due to the major fault lines that run through it. With the disaster in Christchurch a reminder of what can go wrong, seismic strengthening is more important then ever to keep your business or residence safe.



Geotechnical & Civil

Let us secure the ground your structure will be built on.​

We have a strong and growing geotechnical engineering department that can tackle any project. We know that the ground below is as important to understand as the structure that will be built on it.

Over the years we have carried out projects ranging from earthworks, geotechnical surveys, and retaining wall design. More recently we've been involved with assessing structures and land after a landslip event, and we have built strong relationships with insurance companies to help their insurers in providing the right solution after a natural disaster. 

Our geotechnical and civil engineering expertise includes, but is not limited to:

  • Earthworks consent

  • Site Soils Investigation

  • Retaining wall design and assessment

  • Minor land-slip assessment

  • Stormwater drainage design

  • Car platforms

  • Driveway design and assessment

If you are unsure how DTCE can help, give us a call and we can provide you with more information on how we can help with your project.

Temporary Works

Our dedicated temporary works team will design your structure in record time.


We know that quick turn around times can make or break your project. Let our spcialised engineers design your scaffolds to meet your deadlines. Come talk to us if you have a project that involves:

  • Designing scaffolding structures

  • Shrink wrapping

  • Loading bays

  • Hoists

  • Demolition 

  • Propping

Project communication and fast design is required to be successful temporary works engineers. We have experience working on large projects and can produce your documentation within tight deadlines while still adhering to strict Health and Safety Guidlines. 

Don't settle for the cheapest engineer, settle for the fastest and the highest quality.

Lets chat about your projects today!


Temporary works


Depending on what level of service you require, we can draw to all ranges of budgets and technical levels. Some examples of our different levels of service:


PDF Sketches

When your initial budget is tight and scope is small, our deliverable can be drawing sketches over architects drawings. 

While this deliverable can be what is required for smaller projects, we find that for anything larger than small residential house alterations, the initial cost savings of our sketches are far outweighed by the extra cost incurred during construction.

Engineering sk elevation.jpg

2D & 3D Modelling

Our standard drawing deliverables are 2D or 3D models that we issue for most of our projects. Our two expert drafters work in Revit and collaborate with our engineer and you, to produce beautiful, easily read drawings that your builder will love.

Framing .png

BIM Management

For larger commercial projects, our BIM Designers have extensive experience working in BIM360 (now Autodesk Construction Cloud) to collaborate directly on one model. This streamlines your workflows and ensures collaboration is between all consultants (Architects, Engineers, Contractors) is at the peak of what technology can allow.

3D Model-BIM
Pdf sketches
2d & 3d Modelling
BIM Management


We work with and are a member of multiple industry leading organisations and Societies. Learn more about the organisations here:

SESOC_Industry Membership
EngNZ_Industry Membership
ACE_NZ_Industry Membership
nzsee_Industry Membership


Floor 1/11 Broderick Road, Johnsonville, Wellington 6037

04 475 7933

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