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Who Are We?

Meet the team, and learn what makes us tick, as engineers, consultants, and people.
Our Purpose

Our Purpose

We engineer visions that help support our clients, our people, and our structures.

At DTCE Structural Engineers, we are more than just experts in structural and geotechnical engineering—we are your partners in creating lasting legacies.

Based in Wellington and ser
ving the Greater Wellington Region, Kapiti Coast, Wairarapa, and beyond, our mission is to be your go-to source for engineering solutions that are as reliable as they are innovative.

Our highly technical approach shines especially in seismic reporting and retrofit projects, where precision and expertise are non-negotiable. We offer a range of services tailored to fit any budget, making state-of-the-art Building Information Modeling (BIM) accessible even for small projects and townhouses.


Our work is driven by four core tenets that align with our purpose:

Support the people           
Make it easy
Build ability
Model for others

Each project we undertake is a step toward achieving our overarching goal—to be the most desired engineering consultancy in the Lower North Island, including Whanganui, Palmerston North, and Levin.

When you partner with us, you’re not just getting engineering calculations; you're entering a collaborative relationship with a team that cares about making your vision come to life. We invite you to explore and understand the exciting world of structural engineering, and why we're the right choice for you.

Our History

Founded in 1987 by Don Thomson, DTCE Structural Engineers emerged from humble beginnings—a small sleepout above Don’s Wellington garage. Driven by an unwavering passion for structural engineering, Don envisioned a consultancy that would bridge the gap between complex engineering concepts and everyday people, not just the big players in the construction industry.

Over three decades of dedication and relentless pursuit of technical excellence, we've grown significantly while staying true to our founding values. By 2017, our team had expanded to include seven skilled engineers. This milestone year also marked major changes for us: Don welcomed Marlo Bromley as a co-director, sharing the leadership responsibilities and broadening our horizons.

It was at this juncture that we took the bold step to rebrand as DTCE Structural Engineers, solidifying our presence in Wellington, Wairarapa, and the Kapiti Coast.


In subsequent years, the reins were gradually passed from Don to Marlo. By 2021, Marlo took over as the sole director, leading a team that had doubled in size. Yet, as we've scaled, our ethos has remained consistent. We've distilled our original values into a purpose and four tenets that guide us in delivering the most reliable seismic reporting, retrofit projects, and other engineering solutions across the Lower North Island.

Today, we proudly carry forward Don's initial vision, continually evolving and building upon the rich history that makes us who we are. Our expertise extends beyond the Greater Wellington Region, making our technical prowess and personalized services accessible to clients from all walks of life. We invite you to read on and learn more about our purpose and tenets that continue to shape our path.

Our History
Our Tenets

Our Tenets

You've read about our purpose and our history, but what are our Tenets? We developed our tenets by looking at our past, present, and future as DTCE Structural Engineers. What Don aspired to when he started up the company over 30 years ago has evolved into four key philosophies that influence how we work day to day, and how we fulfil our purpose.

Our Tenets are how we do business. Our philosophy, our principles. They are what you can expect when working with us.

Our tenets that guide us in all we do


the people

We are structural engineers. Designing structures to provide physical support. But we also:
Support our Staff - to achieve their careers goals
Support our Clients - in their project ideas
Support our Industry - by sharing knowledge and ideas

Make it


We know engineering can be a 'black box' for clients, architects, and builders alike. We aim to make everything you do with us, from first contact, to final sign off as easy as possible. 

Build ability

Buildability is a term in the construction industry where an assessment is made on the design from the perspective of those that will manufacture, install or carry out construction works.


We are always trying to build on our abilities. We are always trying to improve on what we do. Plus, our designs are practical and buildable.


For Others

We want to be the model in our industry in technical abilities, knowledge, and ethics. We've noticed over the decades that many consulting engineers don't meet a minimum standard, and we want to share our knowledge to lift this , providing benefits for the industry and those that work with it.

Meet your team

Meet Your Team

Our team has a wide range of experience in all aspects of structural and geotechnical engineering.


Our leadership team comes from all corners of the world, and brings their diversity to every decision they make. If you want to learn more about who will be working on your project, or learn about starting a career with us, click the links below:

Industry Partners


As part of our tenets, we are a member of multiple industry organisations that ensure we stay on the forefront of structural and geotechnical engineering knowledge. Learn more about these partners here:

ACE_NZ_Industry Membership
NZSEE_Industry Membership
ENGNZ-Professional development partner
SESOC_Industry Membership
SiteWise-Green_Industry Membership


Floor 1/11 Broderick Road, Johnsonville, Wellington 6037

04 475 7933

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