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Join our close knit team and expand your engineering knowledge


Want to work for us?

Join our close knit team and expand your engineering knowledge.
Our Company

Our Company

We are a growing company and are always looking for talented individuals to join our highly experienced technical team.


From graduate to senior engineers, we can offer the professional development, office culture, and wellbeing focus that will help you thrive. Our current opportunities are listed at the bottom of this page, but If you'd like to learn about what it's like to join our team, keep reading!

Our engineers and engineering capabilities are fast becoming a mark of excellence within the Lower North Island. Over the decades we have worked on thousands of projects, from small house alterations to multi-storey detailed seismic assessments and retrofits. 

We have a 5-year plan to become the Lower North islands most desirable structural engineering firm and have strategies that will expand our company, support our people, and give back to the engineering community.  

Our Culture

Our Culture

Energetic and ambitious, practical and understanding. These are words that we value in our people:


We thrive on giving practical advice to our clients, but also understanding their point of view.

We flourish on new ideas, and are ambitious about staying inquisitive.

We succeed when our team collaborates together to provide effective solutions

Our team of 19 staff members hail from all corners of the globe. From Europe, to Asia, Africa, and New Zealand, we're worldly team. 

With so many cultures we are able to provide an inclusive environment that supports and encourages different ideas and values. Our young management team is always pushing for improvements, and our size means we can usually implement ideas from all staff members at a speed that larger firms simple cannot compete with. 

Our tenets highlight us as a company, not just for our clients, and help us drive improvement, while still supporting our team which makes it possible. 

Move around the polaroids below to see what we get up to together in our spare time!


Flexible Work

We understand that life happens and we allow you the flexibility to work at a time, place, and way that helps balance your life and work. 

Our hybrid work policy by default allows flexible work hours and the ability to work a minimum two days a week remotely.

Social work culture

From end of month drinks, mini golf outings, to our yearly ski trip, we have many opportunities for you to socialize outside of work and try something new.

We democratize social activities, so when you start with us, you can have as much involvement in what our next adventure will be as you want!

Playing Table Tennis
Wellbeing Focus

We actively encourage healthy wellbeing in the office with a pool table, table tennis table, and even a quiet room to allow you to recharge your batteries and your wellbeing.

We also have a dedicated anonymous EAP service that can help provide free counselling support for anything work or non-work related.

Professional Development

Always improving our processes and our people is something we take seriously. We are a Professional Development Partner (PDP) with Engineering NZ which shows our commitment to our development program.


Learn more about PDP here:



Graduates &         Interns






多年来,随着您技能的提高,该辅导计划的重点将转移到支持您成为特许专业工程师 (CPEng)。我们的四人领导团队中的每一位都是 CPEng,这意味着我们拥有广泛的知识和数十年的经验,可帮助您实现职业目标。


Our Vacancies

If you think you'd be a good fit with us, we are always looking for new candidates regardless of your experience to apply for a position, however we are currently focusing on:

Intermediate Engineer

  • 2-5 years experience working as a structural engineer

  • A tertiary Washington Accord qualification in structural/civil engineering

  • Fantastic rapport building skills

If this sounds like something you would like talk to us about, please fill out the form below!

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