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  • What does a Structural Engineer do?
    Structural engineers are professional consultants that are trained to assess, review, or design new and existing structures to withstand the natural forces found at the structures site. These forces could be gravity, earthquake, wind, and others. For more information on our engineering process follow this link: DTCE engineering process
  • When do I need a Residential Structural Engineer?
    Generally, an engineer is required if any structural elements within a building are being altered or constructed. These can include the foundations, roofs, floors, decks and load bearing walls. An engineer can also be engaged if you are worried about cracks, sinking floors, or damage to structural elements in the building.
  • Do you provide services for Residential and Commercial projects?
    Yes! DTCE can help with any project no matter how small or large. We have experience in multi-million dollar projects for government and large contractors, but can also help with minor residential house alterations.
  • I'm not sure whether a wall is load bearing or not, do I need an engineer?"
    If you are knocking down a wall, you need to know whether this will affect the structure of the building. DTCE can help assess whether the wall is load bearing, and if it is, what designs are required to ensure your building remains stable.
  • I'm worried about cracks and sagging in my house, do I need an engineer?"
    Cracks and sagging can be an initial warning that unseen structural or geotechnical issues are affecting the building. An engineering assessment and report can be used to ascertain whether the issues you’ve noticed need remedial works to fix, and how to go about preventing further damage.
  • How long will it take to get my report, drawings, or calculations?"
    At DTCE, each project is different but as a general rule of thumb, we can complete a report or calculation for building consent within 30 working days of formal engagement.
  • How much do structural engineers cost?
    Each project is different and we price our services depending on a number of factors. A general rule of thumb is that an engineer will cost approximately 1-5% of the total project budget. For example, if your project will cost $1,000,000, the engineering will be $10,000 to $50,000 of that. Since we have been in business for 30 years, we can also provide a historic cost of project types we have completed in the past. For more information follow this link: DTCE pricing
  • What is Construction Monitoring, and why can't you provide a fixed cost for this?"
    Construction monitoring is an engineers independent monitoring of contractors or builders as they carry out the Building Consent works. It is very important to ensure contractors are keeping to the plans we designed and to monitor while construction is underway because many structural elements such as beams, reinforcing and foundations will be hidden once completed. A lot of factors involved with construction monitoring are outside our control, including climate, unseen changes in site conditions and contractor competency. Because of this, we can only provide rough estimates of the cost of construction monitoring. For an historic view of how much construction monitoring can cost, follow this link : DTCE pricing
  • What qualifications and industry participation do you have?
    We are active in the engineering community and are members of all the major professional engineering bodies and associations. All our projects are reviewed or designed by a Chartered Professional engineer (CPEng) that ensures quality in our service. For more information on what CPEng means, follow these links: DTCE engineers


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